How to transfer from BART to Muni

  1. BART trains are identified by where they end.

    Get on a BART headed towards one of the following places:

    • Richmond
    • Pittsburg/Bay Point
    • Dublin/Pleasanton
    • Fremont
  2. Get off at the Powell Street Station
  3. Take the elevator up 2 floors, as if you are going to exit the station.
  4. Take MUNI Transfer Ticket from Muni Transfer Machine
  5. Make sure you have $1.25 in coins.

    If you don't have coins, go to a BART ticket booth, and use the button in the lower right hand corner to change a $1 bill into quarters.

  6. Walk to a MUNI booth that is staffed by a human.
  7. Walk through the turnstyle next to the booth.
  8. Hand the ticket you received from the Muni Transfer Machine to the human in the booth.
  9. Put $1.25 in coins into the slot in the turnstyle.
  10. Take the ticket that comes out of the turnstyle. KEEP THIS TICKET OR YOU MAY BE FINED.
  11. Walk down 1 floor to the Muni platform.

    Trains are designated by a letter (J,K,L,M,N,T) and a direction ("Inbound" or "Outbound")

  12. Get on your train when it arrives!